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If you have a problem withCredit card payment,

You canmake direct payment with below Service.


-KORONA Pay (Russia Only)

Please check how to make direct payment from below URL

<Payment &Errors>
Tester Korea is using Paypal & Eximbay for the payment.


There might be several issues when making order.

Please check below Error Code and information.

If you still have a problem for payment afterreviewing your credit card, please leave the message to

Our 1:1 customer service.

Error code

Point to check



Paymethod, CardCountry mismatch


& any 3DS

The card attempting payment should be a card registered in the card brand's system to enable 3DS payment.


It happens when the customer's credit card company refuses the transaction, not our system.


It occurs when you try to make a payment with a payment method or a payment currency that is not set up in your account.


This is an error code that occurs when you try to pay more than 5 times you can pay in a month with the same IP. Testerkorea will prove this issue with PG company when we get request.


Appears when the customer's card issuer refuses the transaction, not our system


**What is the 3DS service?

3DS service is a system in which the customermust complete a self-certification process when making a payment is made.

Enter yourcard information, go through the authentication process and approve it 

-> customerenters the disposable number they received on their mobile phone into thepayment window

Payment process is a bit cumbersome,but

In the case of overseas cards (Visa, Master,JCB, Amex), there is a system called Chargeback, so the cardholder can directlyrequest a refund from the credit card company.

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